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Hormone optimization solution for modern men.

Hormone testing and doctor consultation from the comfort of your home.

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Science Based

Peak helps you optimize your hormones using a combination
of supplements and prescription medication scientifically
proven to improve your focus, energy and libido.

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Our board certified doctors leverage biomarkers from your
at-home blood collection. They will provide you with an in-depth 
assessment to support your specific needs.

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Blood monitoring and doctor attention from
the comfort and privacy of your home. Your monthly
treatment gets delivered straight to your door.

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How Peak works.

  1. Order your testing kit.

    Use our at-home hormone testing kit to collect a blood sample and send it back to our lab for analysis. It’s easy and virtually pain free.

  2. Schedule your consult.

    Once the results are ready, schedule an online doctor consultation with a board certified doctor to discuss your results and treatment plan.

  3. Subscribe to your plan.

    Your doctor will give you access to purchase your on-going hormone optimization plan, we'll test crucial biomarkers that clear you for therapy, and then we'll ship medication straight to your home.

Leaders in medicine and science.

Our scientific approach.

Our doctors believe in science over stigma. They are driven by progressive, forward-thinking protocols that are meant to help men benefit from the cutting-edge of what is available via hormone therapy, but also to stay safe and to be 100% aware of all of the benefits, options and side effects of any treatment.

Peak Medical Lead
Dr. Giovanni Campanile, MD

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Peak’s Medical Advisors.

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Dr. Scott Weiner, MD Dartmouth Medical School
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Dr. Giovanni Campanile, MD Harvard Medical School
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Dr. Lanna Cheuck, MD Brown Medical School
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Harrison Lewis, PALSU School of Medicine
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George Dekki, MD 
Harvard Medical School
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I used to love running. My dream was to run a marathon one day. Now I feel like I am a step closer.

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I have a lot more get up and go energy now... I built up a tree house for my boys

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You don't become a different person. Just you on the best day you ever had

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I feel more comfortable having someone on my side to help me with my body

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A complete 180. I feel like 22 year old me.

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On Fitness
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On Energy
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On Mood
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On Self-Care
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On Confidence

It’s time.
I’m ready
to be me

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