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How to tell your partner you want to go on testosterone replacement therapy
How do you tell your partner that you haven't been feeling yourself, and that you think going on TRT can help you feel whole again? Peak and hormone optimization specialist, Dr. Danielle McDevitt, offer up some ideas to help you have this deeply personal exchange – how and when to broach the subject, as well as ways to navigate through scenarios that risk taking the conversation in the wrong direction.
Prescribed for greatness: Pharmacists that filled a place in history
Pharmacists are on the front lines of healthcare provision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In honor of National Pharmacist Day, we offer up this list of indispensable dispensers whose discoveries and contributions to their field concocted some pretty incredible history. And to all pharmacists, we say, “Thank you.”
Drink it in, man: The chemists of carbonation
No less than five pharmacists are responsible for inventing some of the world’s most famous soda beverages. In honor of National Pharmacist Day, we break out “a little bit of the bubbly” (non-alcoholic, of course), then sip and savor the effervescent fabrications of these thirst-quenching chemists.
How to organize your New Year’s goals (not resolutions)
Many of us see the New Year as an opportunity to set resolutions that effect personal change and growth. However, the far majority of these New Year's resolutions barely make it through the first month. We take a look why that is, and outline five ways to help you determine how you can set New Year's "goals" that will stick.
Five New Year’s goals that are worth setting
With the New Year comes an opportunity to better ourselves by way of setting and meeting resolutions, or goals as we prefer to view them. Here are five goals we believe are worth setting for yourself in the New Year, or any other time of year for that matter.
Hormones for the holidays: 5 ways to make your testosterone merry during the stressful season
The holidays can be happy, but they can also be quite stressful. When that happens, your testosterone levels can suffer. Here are five tips on how to keep your T levels merry and bright during and beyond the season.
12 kind-of-Christmas movies Yule love (and so will your testosterone)
For many men, the holidays can be stressful and put a depressing lump of coal in their testosterone stocking. Thankfully, we've chosen a dozen kind-of-Christmas movies we believe are best suited to give your T levels some ho-ho-heft and add a shine to your peppermint stick.
4 Thanksgiving foods your testosterone can be thankful for (and 4 that are just plain thankless)
Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, but it also packs on unwanted pounds and can leave your testosterone levels feeling famished. Check out our list of traditional foods our T levels can be thankful for, and those that, despite how good they taste, we're better off saying, "No thanks."
Peak: At the top of the hormone optimization mountain
Though studies on low testosterone have been lacking, the medical community more widely recognizes “Low T” today. Here's why Peak stands at the forefront among those tackling the problem head-on with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
What to expect from your testosterone
Advancements in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have provided men with a way to reclaim control of their bodies and, as such, their lives. Here, Peak discerns which medical benefits exhibit quickly through TRT, and which ones take longer to manifest.
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